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Here at Sunrise, we pride ourselves in being one of Vancouver’s top spray tan destinations. Our spray tans look amazingly bronze and never orange, we can prove it! Check out our verified customer reviews here. We offer personal airbrush spray tanning as well as a new Mystic HD!

We are happy to also guarantee all spray tans, meaning if you aren’t 100% happy call us or come in within 24 hours of your appointment and we will give you a free touch up or make it right! We want you to love our salon experience! Our staff goes through advanced training which means every spray tan tech is knowledgeable, helpful & most of all talented at making your tan look perfect every time. 

Try it out for yourself and leave us a review! Call us today and schedule your appointment or book online.

Check out our current spray tan options + prices below.

Mystic HD Advanced Spray Tanning System

Welcome to the most famous sunless tanning system in the world today, the Mystic Tan HD! From the moment you enter the warm, inviting Mystic Tan HD booth, your skin is infused with heat, which allows for maximum absorption, creating a deeper, longer lasting high-definition color. A sweeping side-to-side airbrush travels gently from head to toe, applying precise amounts of your desired level of color, while a flow of warm air ensures that the skin remains dry and remain comfortable.

Step into one of our Mystic booths and experience the ultimate in sunless tanning.  Mystic is the first name in sunless tanning and continues to offer the world’s best sunless tanning system:

• Heat optimizes absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan and improves your overall sunless tanning experience with an inviting environment.

• Drying accelerates DHA development which improves the application process and leaves your skin soft and smooth immediately after your sunless tanning session.

• Airbrush Technology is a patented spraying process with a sweeping side to side “custom airbrush” motion.

• Semi-Transparent Wall System creates the feeling of an open air environment without sacrificing the feeling of privacy.

• Exhaust Fan and Filter System quickly captures and removes excess spray particles during the spray session, and continuously replenishes the environment with fresh air.

• Voice Automation guides customers step-by-step through the entire sunless tanning session.

Custom Airbrush Tanning | Mystic HD Spray Tan Prices
1 Airbrush Tan $45
2 Airbrush Tans $60
5 Airbrush Tans $125
30 day Airbrush unlimited $100

$7 upgrade to 100% organic solution (aloe green tea scent)                                                               $10 upgrade to Rapid (1-3 hour develop time) solution (aloe green tea scent)
Tanning Cocktail – Add a Diamond Session $10
Red Light Cocktail – Add a Red Light Session $6
1 Mystic HD Tan $35
2 Mystic HD Tans $50
5 Mystic HD Tans $100
30 day Mystic HD unlimited $75
Tanning Cocktail – Add a Diamond Session $10
Red Light Cocktail – Add a Red Light Session $6
AIRBRUSH: 12 MONTHS $60 Per Month | 4 MONTHS $70 Per Month
MYSTIC HD: 12 MONTHS $50 Per Month | 4 MONTHS $60 Per Month

Spray Tan Instructions

So…you’ve booked your very first airbrush spray tan with us, now what? Read all of our helpful tips below to prepare for your spray tan! We want to make sure your spray tan is perfect, and following these helpful tips will ensure you will look amazing!


  • Cleanse body, shave, and exfoliate the night before. (Or the morning of your appointment.). We recommend exfoliating with The Scrub by, you can purchase in store or online here. Make extra sure you are exfoliating dry areas, such as, knees, ankles, feet, elbows, and knuckles.
  • Avoid antibacterial soaps and bar soaps. Use a moisturizing body wash if possible!
  • Do not apply lotions or perfumes at anytime after your shower or before your appointment. Deodorant and makeup are OK but when you arrive we provide baby wipes and we recommend removing your makeup and deodorant prior to your spray, though it isn’t required.
  • Remove jewelry and pull hair back off of your face and exposing your neck.


  • Wear dark, loose clothing. Avoid wearing tight undergarments. We recommend flip flops!
  • Wait to shower for 6-8 hours.
  • No moisturizer, oils or makeup until AFTER your first shower. Powder Makeup OK, just no liquid foundations.
  • Use a great moisturizer on the skin after each shower. We recommend Cakie Pie by You can order it in store or online here .Moisturizing will extend the life of your tan.
  • Lightly exfoliate each time you shower, but not hard scrubbing. We recommend picking up a moisturizing body wash and a bath puff. Take care of your skin and pat dry after showering. Avoid hot tubs, hot yoga or sauna exposure as this will shorten the life of your amazing tan.


Q: What clothing should I wear during a spray tan?

A: Whatever you are comfortable with! We usually recommend naked or a bikini/undergarments. But I’ve also sprayed customers with shorts on! Just not that any undergarments you wear could get stained, so keep that in mind.

Q: Will my clothes get stained after a spray?

A: It is likely you will get some spray tan on your clothing directly after your spray, and that’s why we recommend wearing dark clothes or loose fitting clothing. White clothing I do not recommend. Most of the time the solution will wash out of clothing though, since it’s water soluble. I have never had issues with stains on my clothes, but everyone is different!

Q: How long will my spray tan last?

A: 5-10 Days depending on level (the darker you go the longer it will last!) and will Fade gradually. Typically by the 7th day, a second spray is recommended to maintain the perfect beautiful glow you desire!

Q: How often should I get a spray tan to maintain my tan?

A: Pick a day each week and try to come in every 6-7 days for a new spray tan. Be sure to heavily exfoliate prior to each new session.

Q: I look blotchy or dirty after my spray tan, what should I do?

A: Do nothing! Usually this is just the “makeup” bronzer and has nothing to do with your actual DHA spray tan developing underneath the makeup. Wait 6-8 hours to shower, and 99% of the time your tan will look perfect! If not, call us immediately and let us know so we can fix it!

Q: Can I exercise after a spray tan?

A: Not until after your first shower!

What People are Saying:

“Amazing in every area!

I have had spray tans, a facial and a microderm and all of the staff made me feel so at home and have had amazing results every time.

Eah time I leave sunrise Salon Spa and Tan I feel so amazing and can’t wait to schedule another appointment. I recommend sunrise to anyone and everyone I know and come into contact with that talks about going to the salon.

The spray tans last and are natural looking every time. the staff makes sure they know exactly what you want each time and take time to do it.”

“Great place for spray tans!

Jeci is incredibly knowledgable and helpful when it comes to getting a spray tan. I was hesitant at first, especially since I am very fair-skinned, but Jeci explained everything I needed to know and made me feel comfortable when I came in.

The tan came out even and natural looking, and it wasn’t sticky like I’ve experienced in the past from the Mystic or other salons. I’ll definitely get all my spray tans from Jeci at Sunrise from now on!”

Great Airbrush Tan!

I have unlimited airbrush tans and love the color and products they use. I always get compliments on my tan and everyone always says it’s the best they’ve seen.

I like that even though they see me every week they still ask what color I want and if I’ve had issues just to make sure I am always getting a good result. I like that they don’t get comfortable and just go through the motions- she really cares and it makes me feel comfortable and that my money is well spent. I just love Sunrise!!!!!!”

“Amazing work really pay attention to the details

They do an incredible job at airbrush Looks so natural Well priced and everyone is super friendly Will go back.”